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Review: Curtains by Angelica Chase

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Curtains Volume 4 by Angelica Chase.
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Dec. 19th-25th

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It’s not him, it’s her.


Rhys had just torn my heart apart with his admission. A common
bond—one that had completely ruined my former life and forever altered his—was once again threatening to destroy my world. I hate our pasts, and right now, I hate him for his.


She blames me for the truth—a truth I had no idea existed.
I've tried to protect her from the ugliness that came with loving me. I don't know if she will ever move on from what I never saw coming.

5 stars

Perfect ending to a fantastic series!!
I usually hold on on a full opinion of a series until I read the last book because sometimes the endings just seem anticlimactic. Soooo not the case here. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite series. No dull moments: softer, yes; but dull? no.
It was everything I could have hoped for in this series. Reminiscing about past events we hadn't learned before, present day conflict between them, their usual D/s moments , some WTF moments I didn't see coming, and all their hopes and dreams at plain sight to everyone except Rhys and Violet. As with all other books, HOT HOT HOT, sometimes in not so obvious ways.
Beautifully told with just the right amount of tension and romance, Rhys and Vi's conclusion swept me off my feet. 

This is book three of a four part serial.Curtains Teaser.jpg

Sexual Awakenings: The Waltz
4 stars 
Well, hell. This is so not what I expected. The Waltz is definitely a VERY spicy warm-up of what promises to be a scorching series. Straight to the point with a great pace, this book takes you on a journey of a 32 year old woman completely neglected and soul-shattering hurt by her husband. The kind of hurt that trickles in and all of a sudden overruns your life. In that sense, Vi is probably the most relatable character I've come across. She's not perfect and is taking baby steps to accept herself and discover who she is, without the weight of her husband's actions. After years of being ignored and not treated as a woman, she finally decides to explore her sexuality and put aside her insecurities and inhibitions. Rhys is perfect. Too perfect. This actually bothered me a bit and is one of the two reasons I'm not giving the full five stars. There is nothing wrong with him. He is gorgeous, owns a BDSM club, is rich, has a 9-5 job, is respectful, observant and just all around perfect. I'm hoping to see another, more human side of him in the next book. Especially after that ending. Whew!!!! 
The other reason? The way they initially meet bothered me a bit. It sounds completely plausible at first, and it well could've been. But .... First chat and they agree to meet and fuck?! It's way too quick, even for an insta-lust kind of deal. 
I really enjoyed this easy to read book, and can't wait to see where the author takes that ending and twists it into even more delicious, steamy scenes for us. 

Sexual Awakenings: The Tango
Whew... HOT!!! 
Tango picks up seamlessly where The Waltz left off. The Tango is a very intense, sexual dance. Almost like a battle. Both pushing, pulling, dominating and consuming. Exactly like this book. Highly sexual, mostly in the form of punishment towards Vi for lying to Rhys. Rhys is merciless, and for most of the book a jerk. Even though he is a jerk throughout much of this book, it is written so brilliantly I never really disliked him. Vi grows so much as a character through all these sexual punishments. She sees exactly where her feelings are, gathers unwavering strength and enjoys the hottest punishment sex ever. 

”You know what, Rhys? You want to punish me, go right the fuck ahead. I love every single punishment you deal out. That was the purpose of all of this, anyway. You are right, I am dripping and I am dying for a shot at that cock, but I don’t need to be judged and dismissed. You keep that shit to yourself. I’ll be your sub when I’m supposed to. But out here, in the world of people like Alex, this bitch will dish it out as much as she takes it. Good day, sir. Have your cock text me. If not, it’s not the only cock in the world.” - Vi

See? This was the moment Vi got to me. This is when she became real to me because she OWNED this. 
Now, a couple of things happened towards the end that I didn't see coming that just blew my mind. So simple, so plausible and so realistic it left me stunned. I think this is why I enjoy this series so much. I see a lot of myself in Vi. I've felt like she does. And everything that happens in this series so far, could happen to anyone. (Except the meeting an uber hot BDSM club owner, but a girl can dream ) 
After these plot twists, I can't wait for the next book in this series to come out. 

I'll leave you with some words by Rhys : 

“These things we do, they bring out the best and worst in us, Violet. There is a balance and a morality you have to kind of follow. Otherwise, the lines get blurred, and that can lead to a ton of shit.”

Sexual Awakenings: The Last Dance

4.5 stars 
This third book wasn't as erotic as it was emotional. Both Rhys and Vi are finding themselves in new places in their life and making these changes fit into their relationship, which they are still struggling to define. Rhys tones down his dominant side , and Vi learns to stand on her own two feet. There are some seriously sexy scene. Not the conventional type of sexy, where its flat out a sex scene. I mean sensual. The mirror scene when they're on the phone is mouth watering and perfect. The scene at the end where roles are reversed is jaw dropping and expertly weaves both characters' true personalities and emotions. It was a non-reversal reversal of roles best explained if you read the book. 
I love this series and as much as I don't want it to end, I can't wait to start on Curtains, the last one.

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